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The Dubious Goals Committee DECISION: Bolton v Arsenal 24/04/11

Bolton 2 – 1 Arsenal on 24th April 2011 saw a goal which required further clarification.

Following a corner in the 38th minute, Gary Cahill headed towards the Arsenal net. The ball was cleared off the line by Samir Nasri, only to be headed in by Daniel Sturridge for his 7th Trotters goal in 8 games since departing Chelsea for Bolton.

Kevin Phillips commentating, suggested that it was one for The Dubious Goals Committee. Was the ball over the line to award the goal to Gary Cahill, or did Nasri clear before the whole ball was over the chalk dust, thus awarding the goal to Daniel Sturridge?

We are more than happy to oblige. Remember, the Committee’s decision is final…

Matt Tickner
I am a centre-back. My last goal came on January 24th, 2009. I know what it means to be able to score a goal as a defender. Although Gary Cahill gets his fair share of goals, some spectacular, I would give him this goal. The ball may or may not be wholly across the line, but as the goal was scored immediately after anyway, I would give this to Cahill over Sturridge. It can provide a cathartic moment to a player still suffering from conceding five goals at Wembley to Stoke. It would certainly mean more to a defender than a striker. Especially when Sturridge has done more than enough to prove he is more valuable to Chelsea at the moment than Fernando Torres.
Verdict – Gary Cahill’s goal

James Daniel
I like Gary Cahill… but then I like Daniel Sturridge… but who’s better? There’s only one way to find out… FIIIGHT… (hardly a contest, but Sturridge gets Cahill with a couple of early bollock punches, which only suceeds in riling ‘Big Gary’ even more… in the ensuing melee, Cahill absolutley batters Sturridge, finishing him off with a DDT. Blood everywhere…) Cahill gets the goal…
Verdict – Gary Cahill’s goal

Matt McMahon
This takes me back to playground football when there were several distinct types of players, including the ‘not so good’ ones who would stand around the goal waiting for tap-ins and even stealing goals from team mates’ shots already destined for the onion bag. These people annoyed me. I’m sure if you were not one of them, but instead subject to their stealing and subsequent gloating antics they would have annoyed you too. There were players who scored all the time and were the best around – they annoyed me too, and then there were the players who played all the time but hardly ever scored and when they did everyone was happy for them – I, and most others playing, liked these people and would do our best to give them a goal. But not the selfish sneaky bastard claiming a tap-in if it brushed his shirt on the way in. That rare moment of ecstasy for the scorer, snatched from them by the poacher celebrating on his own as the collective disappointment for the true goal scorer is felt by all, preventing any sense of true excitement towards the goal scorer now telling everyone “I scored it, it just brushed my toe, honest”. A lesson one should learn early in life – people will take things from you and then celebrate when they do.
Verdict: (sadly) Daniel Sturridge’s goal (shit like this happens in life)

Chris Harvey
On first viewing, I wasn’t quite sure of the controversy here as it clearly looks like a Sturridge goal. I’ve seen several angles of the clearance from Nasri on the line and for me, none of them can conclusively reveal whether the original header from Cahilll was over the line. While it seems a bit of a shame to deprive Cahill of what was probably his goal, Sturridge proved himself to be in the right place at the right time to poach the goal and ensure that a debatable decision about whether the ball had crossed the line was avoided.
Verdict: Daniel Sturridge’s goal

Matt Little
Bolton with a hit and hope corner. Arsenal well organised at the back. Gary Cahill commits several fouls on his marker before heading it towards the expertly guarded Arsenal goal. Super Samir Nasri heroically stops the ball from going in, the ball ricochets towards Daniel Sturridge who is looking the other way. It hits him on the back of the head and in to the back of the Arsenal net. Lucky goal. Unfortunate on the brilliant boys in red.
Verdict – We didn’t want to win the Premiership anyway.

The Dubious Goals Committee Decision: Goal awarded to Daniel Sturridge / Arsenal throw away title / Children can be little shits

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4 thoughts on “The Dubious Goals Committee DECISION: Bolton v Arsenal 24/04/11

  1. Hey! If you’re the REAL dubious goals committee this decision will be overturned and the goal will be awarded to Gary Cahill. Its his goal! Give THAT man a goal.

    I have a fiver bet with my mate that Daniel Sturridge won’t score 8 premier league goals this season and I stand to lost that fiver if this decision isn’t overturned. Someone please HEAR ME. I want that fiver. That is Gary Cahill’s goal!

    Also if you have any job openings in the dubious goals panel I want to throw my hat in, I love football and work so its a match made in heaven. Seriously someone kick up a fuss and reverse this decision. Daniel Sturridge’s contrabution was about as meaningful as me smacking a ball into the goal posts in my back garden! If this decision stands then we have to go back through history to everytime a player, whose team has just conceded a goal, kicks the ball into the back of the net in fustration and realocate each goal as an own goal. CHAOS! Reverse THAT decision people!!!!

    Posted by Harry Moylan | May 14, 2011, 6:58 pm
    • Thank you for your response Harry.

      Unfortunately, as it says in the article, all of The Dubious Goals Committee’s decisions are final and we are unable to modify them once they have gone to press.

      The ball clearly did not cross the line from Gary Cahill’s header and so we have no other choice.

      Moreover, we are in cahoots with your friend and we will all receive around 80p to abstain from reversing this decision. We have bills to pay too you know.

      Posted by The DG Committee | May 16, 2011, 12:34 pm
  2. Well DGC, I hope it was worth the 16p share each of you will receive. Your blood money.

    Posted by Harry Moylan | May 16, 2011, 3:53 pm
  3. Good math, Harry. although as Matt stated, we in fact EACH received 80p. I spent mine on a King Size Twix.

    Posted by Jimmy Daniel | May 20, 2011, 9:29 am

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