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We have all heard about The Dubious Goals Committee, meeting sporadically to make (usually dubious) decisions about contested goals in the Premier League. What you might not have heard of, however, is our site.

Thedubiousgoalscommittee has a global perspective and is written and edited by professional journalists, we aim to use our own sources to bring you the inside track on the stories that matter.

Our key content categories are:

English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German & Scottish football News.

Impartial, authoritative and credible, we are not an aggregator and do not re-hash content from the web. Our words are our own and if we use a quote from elsewhere, we will give proper credit.

Also, we have dragged The Dubious Goals Committee in to the technological age, and, while kicking our heels until the next dubious goals is scored, our blog is the result. We aim to provide insightful and eloquent written content alongside visually beautiful representations of football statistics and data.

There will be puns, hyperbole, fights and a whole lot of debate. But we will be right of course. The Committee’s decision is final.

We’re also keen to welcome new writers to The Dubious Goals Committee, so if you want to get involved then drop us an e-mail with some examples of your finest work. If you haven’t gotten around to writing your perfect piece yet, then give us some ideas of articles you’d like to write and we can go from there. You can find more information, should you so wish, on our Write for The Dubious Goals Committee page.

Come on, it’ll be fun…

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