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Championship Manager: An Addiction

With the autumnal nights bringing darkness, rain and misery, the pastimes of the average Joe inevitably change to suit these conditions. Gone are the lazy summer evenings sneaking in a quick 9 or 18 holes of golf after work. We wave goodbye to alfresco dining and drinking, whilst generally spending any time outside – other … Continue reading

NEW FEATURE: Bob Wilson’s Wikipedia

Welcome to Bob Wilson’s Wikipedia Wikipedia has changed the educational landscape as we know it. Gone are the days when knowledge was gained through dusty encyclopedias and local wisdom, hearsay and rumourmongering. Nowadays, people simply need to access Wikipedia in order to pass off facts as their own, plagiarise beyond all means in academia, sully … Continue reading

Sidelined, but I don’t mind…

This season is my tenth playing men’s senior football. I say playing, I am currently out injured, having a calf problem since the penultimate game of last season. Having to turn up and watch my team week-in week-out has made me start to question a few things, none more so than how things have changed … Continue reading

When Saturday comes… What now?

The end of another season, the curtain has come down, ahead lies three months of transfer rumours, managerial comings and goings, new kits, new sponsors, new stadia, new bribery allegations – all this excitement is good, but a massive hole in my week exists as the season ends. My Saturdays, and often weekends, are geared … Continue reading

‘Tache of the Day

The moustache. The vital ingredient which separates real men, from just men. If you look into the history books some of the most famous men in history sported a ‘tache. From arguably the greatest rock front man in history, Freddie Mercury, through the greatest video game franchise (Super Mario), via arguably the best TV Soap … Continue reading

Have we got enough players for Saturday gaffer?

I am in a fortunate position to play for a fantastic amateur football club in Bristol; fantastic not just for what we have achieved on the pitch or the standard of the players at the club, but for the enjoyment that everyone has attending games, social events and just being involved. As the season draws … Continue reading

It’s a numbers game…

The first advent of players wearing numbered shirts came on 25th August 1928, when Arsenal and Chelsea played in their matches against The Wednesday and Swansea Town, respectively. After several experiments over the course of a number of years, it was decided to make numbers on the back of club shirts a permanent feature. The … Continue reading

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