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Write for us? You don’t even know us. So, you can check out our About page, or, in the spirit of being seated in a watering hole and getting akin to one another, let us introduce what we do.

We write about anything really – from the transfer-window rumour-mills and the tactical ineptitude of managers, to the frustrations of playing grassroots football and the highs and lows of following teams with varying degrees of success. We also let our imagination run away with us, as the phantasmagorical is more exciting that the real. Can you detail what would have happened had Thierry Henry not signed for Arsenal or Garry Neville played International cricket?

We don’t stop there though. Words have been around forever, and tables, no matter how much you tart them up, are dull. We live in a digital world, where people are sick of the same thing we saw in the eighties. The Dubious Goals Committee is interested in providing new and interesting ways of interpreting and visualising all manner of football data. Are you a budding illustrator with a story to tell? A statistician who can burrow down to the nuts and bolts of the game? We’d love to load up Illustrator and talk.

We know the score, we’ve all applied for bar work in the past. But here, you don’t need experience to get published – just an obvious passion for football, a way with words and an eye for a story. There are many a talented writer out there looking for a warm, comforting bosom to nestle in to, so we’ve slipped on the Fairisle and have the catches lined up en masse.

Don’t be alarmed. Whether you want to contribute to one of our ongoing series, provide a regular stream of content on a specific league or presently have a one off piece that you want to get off your chest then holler like you’ve never done before. Direct pop us an e-mail

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